Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I just created a contest piece for the Scott Pilgrim & DeviantArts' Create an 8th Evil Ex contest:

Ferdinand "Furry"-ious by *mbosn on deviantART


This is Ramona's eighth "EVIL-EX BOYFRIEND," Ferdinand "Furry"-ious. After her initial fallout with Gideon, Ramona decided to scour the internet for a new boyfriend and found Ferdinand. In her eyes Ferdinand is a 25 year-old handsome man who possesses great riches and runs a snack food company. However in reality Ferdinand is a 40 year-old man who lives in his Mom's basement and does nothing but eat snacks and could only fit in his old high-school mascot's costume due to his excessive weight. Ferdinand used a photoshopped picture of Robert Pattison in a punk hairdo to pose as Ramona's ideal man.

After Ramona found out the truth she promptly dumped him therefore angering Ferdinand. Swearing revenge after joining "The League," Ferdinand decides to use his ability of boring him with useless Star Trek trivia and smelling really bad from the mix of his sweat-stained costume and "chip-breath" to fight Scott for Ramona's love. That is if he can even get up from his seat.

Here's the link and leave a comment if you can: