Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In 2007 I created this Christmas card for my fellow Myspace pals and emailed it around to approximately 100 friends and business associates or so:

Merry X-mas 2007

What a coincidence! I ran across brilliant artist Richard Gaines blog and came across his 2008 Christmas card:

I'm not saying he ripped my idea off, after all a reindeer using santa as his bitch is a pretty general twist on a timely tradition, that is meant to trigger humor. I just wanted to say how sometimes great minds will think alike and come across the same/similar conclusion. Our compositions are really close too! All I gotta say is hats off to you Richard, great to know how certain folks can share the same sense of humor!

Check out Richard's site at this location:


Richard Gaines said...

Sean, thanks so much for the timely promotion. April Fool's Day!!! :)

No, I wouldn't rip people off unless I initially asked for their permission. I did like your card though!

Kudos to you and I will add you as a link. Take care, bro!

Sean Worsham said...

Actually this wasn't an April Fool's Day gag Richard, just bad timing. I created this card over a year before yours was released, although I never suggested you ripping it off. Just a mere coincidence and nothing more as suggested on the blog. Hope things go well.

Trevor Thompson said...

Well, you're BOTH very talented and funny cartoonists... and great minds think alike!

- trevor.