Sunday, August 07, 2011

My first paid voice acting gig!:

Hi guys, I voice the last boss, "Professor Dhoum" in a game app called "Heli-Awesome." It's free (for a limited time) on your iPhone so download it now while you still can for nothing. Do it not just for the awesome gameplay and the clean graphics, do it to hear me laugh and try to defeat the hero of the game.!/id444820006?mt=8#

Special thanks to Dave Reyes, Goran Rajkovic, for their excellent artwork (amongst many others). I would also like to thank Tuğba Tatlı and Phil Foster III for giving me the opportunnity to be involved in the voicework as well (you guys were "Super-Awesome") (let me know if I miss anyone and I'll edit them into this note!).

But more importantly I couldn't have done it without all you talented folks who worked on it and all the guys I know on Facebook for giving me inspiration!



The guy I voice:

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