Saturday, January 28, 2012

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Nerdcore: Nerd on Nerd violence by ~mbosn on deviantART

For many years, being a nerd or geek to me meant something special. Then all of a sudden being a nerd was cool. I thought, "Great, I guess this means the world would accept me more now and that I wouldn't have to hide my interests and hobbies in the closet any longer." But now that "Nerd" and "Geek" are far more cooler and into the pop culture lexicon as positives, I see more and more stupid fights break out between the nerd and geek community.

It's almost to the point where I can't reveal to Star Trek fans that I love Lord of the Rings and Star Wars too. I think the thing that tore it for me was when I saw a Trekkie get into a fist fight with a Furry at a comic convention one time.

Can't we all just get along? I mean it's time for nerds and geeks to unite and stop ourselves from becoming what we hate the most which was the higher status quo of jocks, rich folks that didn't earn their money or the beautiful model types that we couldn't have that taunted and teased us. We all need to ban together and fight this. Not just against what we fought against, but fight that inner hate within our circles. Can't we all just get along...

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